Friday, December 28, 2012

Myers Briggs Personality Types as Animals

INFP- Swan


Strengths: Caring, supportive, and flexible.
Weaknesses: Overly sensitive and extreme dislike of conflicts and criticisms.

INFJ- Wolf

Strengths: Nurturing, loyal, good at understanding others emotions.
Weaknesses: Holds back a part of themselves-difficult to get to know even if you are close with one.


Strengths: Fun, down to earth, friendly.
Weaknesses: Tends to be materialistic and flaky.

ESFJ- Horse 

Strengths: Enthusiastic, warm and practical, devoted to friends and family.
Weaknesses: Need a lot of positive affirmation and attention, overly sensitive to conflicts and criticisms.

ENFP- Dolphin

Strengths: Enthusiastic, friendly, good communication skills, warm and affectionate.
Weaknesses: May become bored easily, tendency to be unrealistic in expectations, extreme disklike of conflicts and criticisms

ENFJ- Otter

Strengths: Intuitive, inspiring, and dedicated. 
Weaknesses: Self-critical and tends to be controlling.


Strengths: Imaginative, enthusiastically curious, laid back nature, independent
Weaknesses: Suspicious of others, socially rebellious, uncomfortable in social situations

INTJ- Snake

Strengths: Not threatened by criticisms, independent, usually confident, intelligent.
Weaknesses: Holds back a part of themselves, usually unwilling to accept blame, callous.

ISFP- Deer

Strengths: Good listener, appreciates aesthetics and beauty.
Weaknesses: Tends to keep thoughts and feelings private, not good at long term planning.

ISFJ- Polar Bear

Strengths: Take responsibilities seriously, loyal, good listeners, nurturing
Weaknesses: Difficulties stepping outside of comfort zone, dislikes change.


Strengths: Tend to be self-confident, good listeners, fun to be around, good with conflicts
Weaknesses: Difficulties with long term commitments, needs a lot of personal space, may be overly private

ISTJ- Beaver

Strengths: Logical, committed, good listener.
Weaknesses: Poor understanding of the feelings of others, sometimes too rigid.


Strengths: Clever and cunning, laid back, enthusiastic.
Weaknesses: May find it difficult to follow through with plans, not usually good at managing money, may get bored easily

ENTJ- Lion

Strengths: Enthusiastic, fair, strong-willed. Committed and good with money.
Weaknesses: Tendency to be confrontational and controlling, may appear intimidating to others.

ESTP- Eagle

Strengths: Witty and charming, clear-headed and enthusiastic.
Weaknesses: Difficulty expressing emotions and making lifelong commitments

ESTJ- Hippo

Strengths: Handles criticism well, strong willed, stable.
Weaknesses: Tends to be stubborn, difficulties in expressing and understanding emotions.


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  2. Life is a battle, if you don't know how to defend yourself then you'll end up being a loser. So, better take any challenges as your stepping stone to become a better person. Have fun, explore and make a lot of memories.

    1. That's a very simplistic view: individual + lack of defense = loser. I guess that means people who have been bullied, beaten and/or raped are losers...

    2. Preach it, Sister! Agree with you.

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